workshop machine

Welcome to our machining workshop! Below are the main machines .

water splash pads machine.jpg

Mutong mainly have four workshops:Steel pipe workshop,stainless slides workshop,engineering plastic workshop and fiberglass workshp.

Steel pipe workshop, which is special for galvanized steel and stainless steel pipe handling. Most of our Customized playground equipments, metal water splash pads, metal pipe platforms are produced in this work shop. For the whole process, we have very strict control for every detail process.

metal splash pads workshop.png

Stainless slides workshop, which is special for all customized stainless steel slides. If you have CAD drawing for your site, we can design a perfect stainless steel slide for you directly! 

The whole production process as below:

stainless steel slide workshop.png

Fiberglass workshop, special for fiberglass water slides, water splash pads and other customized fiberglass products.

fiberglass workshop.png